The Red Arrows
The Red Arrows
Wednesday 15th August 2018

The display starts at 4.00pm.

Please don't forget to give a donation towards this great event, where you see one of our Carnival collection buckets!

New Year's Day Fireworks 2019
New Year's Day Fireworks 2019
Cromer Carnival is run by the Cromer Voluntary Entertainments Organisation and CVEO willl be working with Cromer Town Council to provide yet another great fireworks display on the 1st January 2019. So put 5.00pm on New Years Day into your diary. If you're a local person who can help with a bucket collection on that day, please contact the Town Council on 01263 512254 with your offer of help.
Find us on Facebook and Twitter
Find us on Facebook and Twitter
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Grand Fireworks Display
Grand Fireworks Display
Thursday 16th August 2018
at 21:15 (approximately).

Our Grand Fireworks Display and of course all the fun of the fair up at the Carnival Field.

No entrance charge for fireworks, but please make sure you find one of the donation buckets in the course of the evening!

Make sure you arrive in good time - there's always a last minute rush on car parking, which is very tricky on the evening.

Cromer Carnival 2018


Cromer Carnival 2018!

Carnival week is always held in August, in the week which includes the third Wednesday.

So in 2018 it will be held from Saturday 11th August to Friday 17th August, with Carnival Day being held on Wednesday 15th August.

Put a date in your diary NOW!!

Looking for important dates for Cromer Carnival? Then look no further! Use the 'Events' listings so see all that is on in 2018.

Back in 2017, production of our Carnival Day video was by Craig Smith. He has been to Cromer Carnival on many occasions in the past and combined his experience with his video skills to record and edit last year's memory of the day. Out thanks to Craig and our best wishes to him goes to college to further his abilities for the video and broadcast industry. You can see more of his work for Cromer in the videos about Olive Edis in the 'Fishermen and Kings' exhibition at Cromer Museum. The Carnival videos are sponsored by Poppyland Publishing

Here's our Thursday video offering.

On Tuesday, the weather was just the job for Children's Day on the Carnival showground. Very many thanks to all the parents who allowed their children to take part in this video - we hope it captures something of the flavour of the day.

Lots going on today, the Monday of Carnival week. We went along to the Carnival field this morning and down to the - rather breezy - prom this afternoon. At the field, it was 'Country Fair' day, so everything from Suffolk punches to ferrets in the main arena and lots of stalls all around the field. The second half of the video features clip from the Waiters' and Waitresses' race - fun for all.

This year's Carnival Week is now well under way and here's our video report on Carnival Sunday. Our selection starts with the Carnival Service at the parish church, then we're off to the pier forecourt for the crowning ceremony. Then we head off to the carnival field where we're able to catch the 'Glamorous Grannies' and the Children's Fany Dress.

May 2017 - and finally the sun has begun to shine! We must be moving towards summer as we've now had the selection of Miss Cromer 2017 and her Senior Attendant, and the Carnival Prince and Princess for the year have also been chosen. We thought we'd start with a picture of the four of them. In case you're wondering where the picture was taken, it was in the Lifeboat House at the end of the pier! Choice of the Prince and Princess usually happens on the pier forcourt but but if you were in town last Sunday (7th May) you'll know that it was rather too cold and breezy to have the event outside.

So, the lifeboat - or rather the lifeboat house - came to the rescue and the prospective Princes and Princesses decamped there for the choice to be made and for the photos to be taken.

And with the selection of the Junior Attendants, all the team is ready for Carnival Week. We look forward to seeing you then.