Grand Fireworks Display
Grand Fireworks Display
Thursday 18th August 2016
at 21:15 (approximately).

The finale will be (TBC).

Our Grand Fireworks Display and of course all the fun of the fair up at the Carnival Field.

No entrance charge for fireworks, but please make sure you find one of the donation buckets in the course of the evening!

Make sure you arrive in good time - there's always a last minute rush on car parking, which is very tricky on the evening.

New Year's Day Fireworks 2017
New Year's Day Fireworks 2017
Cromer Carnival is run by the Cromer Voluntary Entertainments Organisation and CVEO willl be working with Cromer Town Council to provide yet another great fireworks display on the 1st January 2017. So put 5.00pm on New Years Day into your diary. If you're a local person who can help with a bucket collection on that day, please contact the Town Council on 01263 512254 with your offer of help.
The Red Arrows
The Red Arrows
Wednesday 17th August 2016

The display starts at (TBC).

Please don't forget to give a donation towards this great event, where you see one of our Carnival collection buckets!

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Find us on Facebook and Twitter
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Cromer Carnival 2016


Cromer Carnival 2016

Carnival week is always held in August, in the week which includes the third Wednesday.

So in 2016 it will be held from Saturday 13th August to Friday 19th August, with Carnival Day being held on Wednesday 17th August.

Cromer Carnival 2017

Carnival week is always held in August, in the week which includes the third Wednesday.

So in 2017 it will be held from Saturday 12th August to Friday 18th August, with Carnival Day being held on Wednesday 16th August.

Put a date in your diary NOW!!

New events for 2016 are currently being added, so watch this space for full details!

What a tremendous firework display on Carnival Thursday evening! It must be difficult for Clive and his team to come up with a different concept each year, but it seems to us that the displays just get better and better. We don't know if the yacht anchored off Cromer was there deliberately or not - but the crew must have had a great view.

We decided to take the video cameras to the new event, the competitions at the Skate Park. Scooters, skateboards and BMX bikes were all in action. There was a bit of confusion on timings because of the drizzle early on, but eventually things got under way. Our thanks to the two riders who kindly put one of our cameras on their helmets - no chance of your cameraman going down one of those ramps on a skateboard! Congratulations to Phil and his son from 'Wet Dog' who organised it for Carnival and to all those who took part.

What a difference a day makes for the weather - and the turnout of folk at the Carnival Field. On Carnival Day Cromer was heaving with people enjoying themselves, no more so than up at the Carnival Field on Runton Road. Great displays in the arena,, a great display in the sky and the sun beaming down all day. The only miss was the Yakovlev's stunt display team. Whilst we had the best of the weather, the evening forecast for their base down south was pretty grim, so whilst they might have been able to take off, they couldn't have got back home.

That said, there was plenty more to enjoy. We couldn't cover everything going on through the day, but here's a selection on video.Many thanks to all those who made costumes, built floats and generally contributed to the fun of the parade.

Well, what an awkward day for weather for the outdoor activities on Carnival Tuesday. We hope you managed to follow the Facebook page, the on-site announcements or North Norfolk Radio for information on the changes. A particular shame to miss the flying of the Wildcats - but the cloud level looked far too low, all day. Thanks to all who were able to put on their displays - the Newfoundland dogs seem very unperturbed by the conditions and the Stannage International Stunt Team were able to provide a comprehensive show in the afternoon.

We were videoing in the morning. As you'll see we found a few damp souls wandering the site early on but were then able to gets lots of pictures of the children in the Marquee - no shortage of activities there and of course Razz and Auntie Pearl were able to put on their shows - including the inevitable and always popular 'Music Man'. Great fun. Here's the pictures.

On Carnival Monday, by tradition, it's the longest running of all the Carnival events - the Waiters and Waitresses competitions. These were started in the late 1950s, the races originally being run round the church. Turnout is what wins the prize for the first part of proceedings - the judges are looking for the Best Dressed Waiter and Waitress. Then it's a change of shoes for most, to take part in the races. Here's our video record of today.

Carnival Sunday morning began with a breakfast for the royal party and then it was off to the parish church for the Carnival service.

Classic cars were on hand to take the party from the Hotel de Paris down to the pier forecourt for the crowing ceremony. That loud man in the red coat rang his bell and Luke Walsh from the Pier Show did the honours, placing the tiara on Miss Cromer's head. Paul Eastwood ably assisted. Hundreds were watching, seated on the prom or standing on the slopes above.

Time then to head off to the Carnival field on Runton Road and officiate with judging and prize presenting for the Bonny Baby, Knobbly Knees, Glamorous Gran competitions - and then the five classes of the Children's Fancy Cress Competition. No need to tell you any more - it's all on the video below.

Here's the first video offering for the week - a quick look round the car boot and craft stalls, and the beginning of the displays in the arena.

The selection of Miss Cromer and her Attendants took place earlier in the year; you'll be seeing plenty of them throughout the week. Congratulations to all those who entered and special congratulations to those who won places in the Cromer's Royal Family for this year.

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