Cromer Carnival 2020!


Cromer Carnival 2021!

Carnival week is always held in August, in the week which includes the third Wednesday.

So in 2021 it will be held from Saturday 14th August to Friday 20th August, with Carnival Day being held on Wednesday 18th August.

Put a date in your diary NOW!!

Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, Cromer Carnival 2020 and all other 2020 events have been CANCELLED, until further notice.

Please keep watching our Facebook page and website for all of the latest news and we look look forward to seeing you all again in 2021!

We hope you enjoyed the 50th Anniversary Carnival last year. Here's the video for the Wednesday - our thanks to Craig and James, the camera team and to Craig who was the editor for this one. Let's get it round the world - give it a share from its Youtube site. The book looking back over 50 years plus of Cromer Carnival is available at £5.00 in town at Merchant's Place and at the Old Rock Shop Bistro.

And here's the video for Carnival Sunday 2019.

Here's our Royal Party for 2019 - Chloe Showers, Leah Banning, Miss Cromer Jessica Foster, Izzy Claxton, Sophia Allard and John Pigott.

For Carnival Tuesday, Boris - no, not that one - was one of the stars of the Children's Day at the Carnival field. We just had to include his picture.

Well, you can't win all the while. A few rain showers during the afternoon of the Waiters' and Waitresses' competitions so congratulations to all who kept things going.

Here's the overall winner of the Children's Fancy Dress - topical and local! Even the clock has stopped!

You probably already know that Bradley Walsh with be with us for the crowning of Miss Cromer on the Sunday of Carnival week. Here's a look back to last time he was here - Tony, take warning!

The page is getting a bit full of these looks back over 50 years of Cromer Carnival - so we hope you can spot yourself somewhere amonst the pictures. If you're really wanting to wallow in nostalgia, then go to and if you subscribe you'll see yet more as they come along. We're not finished yet!

Anther selection of the photos you kindly brought in for copying of Carnival events and people from the last 50 years - and some a bit further back. We start off in 1980 but after that, you'll have to guess.

If you've watched the video below from 2001, you'll see that most of the week turned out fine - but with our video here from the crownings of 2000 and 2001, you see that the Sunday morning of 2001 wasn't quite like that! But Norman knew how to make us all laugh ...

Here's a video sequence from Carnival week 2001. If you were in the Children's Fancy Dress, your children will enjoy seeing it! ....

This year we're celebrating 50 years of the current series of Carnivals. Our appeal for pictures brought in hundreds of images - some from earlier Carnivals! Here's the first of our 'nostalgia' sequences.

Another video full of images from the last 50 years here!

The Carnival videos are sponsored by Poppyland Publishing