Results 2023

Here's our competition results to date for 2023:

Bonny Baby 2023 Competition

Sponsored by: Mary Janes Fish Bar and Licensed Restaurant Number of Entries: 27 Winner of Boys 0-3 months: Alfie May Winner of Girls 0-3 months: Esme Preston Winner of Boys 4-8 months: Reggie Gray Winner of Girls 4-8 months: Honey Bond Winner of Boys 9-12 months: Kobe Ryan Winner of Girls 9-12 months: Tawananyasha Chirume

Overall winner of the Tom Bolton Trophy: Honey Bond, Norwich

Knobbly Knees 2023 Contest

Sponsored by: Movieplex, Cromer
Number of Entries: 12
Runner up: Marcis Eihe
Winner: Peter Starbuck

Glamorous Grandmother 2023 Competition

Sponsored by: Cromer Methodist Church
Number of Entries: 23
Runner Up: Pat Ward
Winner: Tina Blunden

Children's Carnival Fancy Dress 2023 Competition

Sponsored by: Mackinnon Construction
Number of Entries: 19
Runner up of 0-6 years: Freya Fawkes
Winner of 0-6 years: Arthur Voss-Gardner
Runner up of 7-11 years: Sanne Grant
Winner of 7-11 years: Ronnie Chatten
Runner up of Pairs and Groups: Freya Veasey and Isabelle Chatten
Winner of Pairs and Groups: Gnomes - The Broughtons

Overall Winner of the Robin Seeley Memorial Cup: Thomas the Tank Engine - Arthur Voss Gardner, Sheringham